Hendrik Lohmann, Düsseldorf

People and Urban Photographer


 photo by Morgaine la Rose


"You don't take a photograph, you make it"

                                            Ansel Adams


I was born in the south of Germany in 1965, and lived in Copenhagen and Lisbon as a child.

In 1990, I moved to Düsseldorf and live there ever since.

I love and live the Rheinland way, which is what makes me sympathise with this town.

I take photographs for a few years now- I started with an analogue camera and switched to a digital one in 2009. For some years now, however, I have been using both types. In the beginning landscapes and architecture were the focus of my photographs. Nevertheless at some point, I discovered streetphotography and developed a great love for it.

One of my greatest influences in the beginning was Marius Vieth. It was the moment when I saw one of his photographs that depicted a guy with an umbrella running through the rain, that I decid to become a street photographer myself. A candid moment shown in a very fine and sensitive way.


"I am fascinated by humans" - a sentence summing up my thrill. Their uniqueness and versatility at the same time, impresses me. It drives me towards trying to catch these moments and immortalise them on pieces of paper.
Besides streetphotography, where I try to seize not only the special moments, but also the casual everyday-life situations, there is also the streetportraits.
I address an unknown person on the street, that catches my attention , and ask to portray him/her. It happens on the spot and usually never takes more than a few minutes. Since it all happens fairly quickly, I still achieve unselfconcious facial expressions.
That is how many of the portraits for the "What the hell...?" and the "beard-series", as well as others, developed.
During the past three years I have been photographing the "What the hell...?" series. The project combines the portrait with the question of what the hell are they doing on this planet...

My personal motivation is the fact that I have a lot of fun doing it, nevertheless I also love bringing joy to the people that I portray, with the phototgraphs that I take.




Group Exhibition “Afterwork Vernissage – Photography Talents from Düsseldorf” | February 5th 2014
(Düsseldorf, Germany)


Group Exhibition "Düsseldorfer Nacht der Museen" l May 3rd 2014

(Düsseldorf, Germany)


Permanent Exhibition of Streetphotography in the "Schmuckgut" l October 24th 2014 until July 2015

(Düsseldorf, Germany)




Permanent Exhibition of Streetphotography and Streetportraits in the dental clinic Stuckmann/Velden l January 2015 until today

(Westwall 118, 47798 Krefeld, Germany)


Single Exhibition "Beard project" Streetportraits of bearded men in the "Vintage Fabrik" I August 14th 2015

(Düsseldorf, Germany)




Group Exhibition "Photopopupfair 2016" in the "Stilwerk" l April 22nd 2016 until Mayl 30th 2016

(Düsseldorf, Germany)


Single Exhibition "Lohmann's Welt" streetphotography and streetportraits in the "Vintage Fabrik" l October 21st 2016

(Düsseldorf, Germany)


Group Exhibition in "The Box" streetphotography l December 16th 2016 until January 6th 2017

(Düsseldorf, Germany)




Single Exhibition "Lohmann in the BOX"  in the BOX Art gallery l December 8th 2017 until December 31st 2017

(Düsseldorf, Germany)




Group Exhibition "NEANDERARTgroup - Linienführung" in the "Ballhaus am Nordpark" I July 5th until July 8th 2018

(Düsseldorf, Germany)


Group Exhibition "NEANDERARTgroup" - "on different art trails" in the "Park Kultur" Oststr. 118  I September 21st until October 7th 2018

(Düsseldorf, Germany)




Group Exhibition "Guerilla Flashart 2" in the "Kunstmuellerei"  Witzelstr. 7 l March 15th until April 6th 2019

(Düsseldorf, Germany)


Single Exhibition "Auf den Punkt" in the "Denkhaus" l September 13th until September 29th 2019

(Grevenbroich, Germany)


Group Exhibition "NEANDERARTgroup - Abgefahren" in the "ART-Fabrik" SchlüterStr. 10 l November 2nd until December 23rd

(Erkrath, Germany)




Group Exhibition "I8M/20 Fotokunst Düsseldorf" in the "Park Kultur" l October 14th until September 6th 2020

(Düsseldorf, Germany)




Group Exhibition "Stadt, Land, Menschenbilder..." in the "Galerie Klosterstraße" Klosterstr.92 l March 20th until April 14th 2021

(Düsseldorf, Germany)




Group Exhibition "ZOOOM" Kunstclub Nachtbrötchen Lierenfelderstr.49 l March 19th until April 3rd 2022

(Düsseldorf, Germany)


Group Exhibition "Nachtbrötchen" NDSM Loods Amsterdam l July 1st until July 3rd 2022

(Amsterdam, Netherlands)




Group Exhibition "Tatorte" in the "Kunstraum Kö106"  Königsallee 106 I March 3rd until March 12th 2023

(Düsseldorf, Germany)


Group Exhibition "Art Artist" in the Hansaallee 190 "ttpp - the toilet portrait project" l March 31st until April 2nd 2023

(Düsseldorf, Germany)


Group Exhibition "Kunstpunkte" Pempelforter Str. 45 l August 26th until August 27th 2023

(Düsseldorf, Germany)


Group Exhibition "INDUSTRIAL" in the "Nebn Gallery" Eisenstr. 91 l November 4th until November 5th 2023

(Düsseldorf, Germany)